The tantalising flavours we have to offer for both our coffee & nuts are due to years of crafting the perfect recipe accompanied by the perfect roasting method.


Nuts. What do we do that makes them taste so good?

At Mourad's, we're the masters of quality, and favour the dry roasting cooking process where heat is applied to a nut without the addition of oil or water. The nuts travel through the roasters continuously via a conveyor system that allows the heat to evenly roast all products placed on the belt. This ensures absolute uniform energy distribution among individual nuts producing homogeneous and optimal flavor and taste development of the entire batch. 

The dry roasting process alters the chemistry of the proteins in the nut, which enhances the flavour making for a healthier, tasty snack.

Coffee. From the earth, to our hands, to your cup, our way provides you with the best.

Mourad's Coffee imports only prime, high altitude grown Arabica varietals from the most fertile and renowned coffee growing regions on earth. 

A major factor influencing the flavour of a cup of coffee is the roasting process. Ho we roast our green beans affects the taste, aroma and colour of the beans. During roasting, the coffee bean produces oils that characterise the flavour. 

The Process

Mourad's Coffee uses a state of the art roaster designed by some of the world's coffee pioneers. Our roaster uses vortex and Equaliser technology, allowing the air temperature to be precisely controlled and uniformly distributed throughout the beans providing an even roast throughout, preserving and intensifying the original flavours of the bean.


All our beans are meticulously watched over during the roasting and blending process. We roast everyday to ensure that our quality and freshness is always maintained. 

The only coffee our customers will ever buy is the coffee we roast, abundant with beautiful flavours and aromas.